“STAR ASIA” is a Three piece Filipino lounge band which comprised of talented musicians. This group has performed
in hotel premises all around Asia and been together for 5 years. They called themselves
“STAR ASIA” Together they
create good combination that keeps audience satisfactorily entertained.

Their wide repertoire varies from Standard, Traditional, Evergreen, Broadway, Soul, Rhythm & Blues, Top
Forties, Sentimental, Rock & Roll and Dance numbers. They are versatile and talented entertainers. They
appeal to both local and international audiences, since they perform in multi languages i.e Malay, English,
Chinese, Latin, Korean, Japanese and Hindi.

Rest assured that tunes from the bygone years will be rejuvenated and given contemporary treatment to cater
to audience likings. In fact, the crowd pleasing band is no stranger to entertaining old and young audiences.
They are well established performers who have entertained at watering holes, hotels and corporate functions
over the past 5 years. Over these years,
“STAR ASIA” has been able to attract loyal fans and audience who
tail them wherever they perform.