LOUISE RAMOS, male vocalist/band leader

LOUIE dabbles in print advertising, fashion directing and his first love, which is
singing. Starting at the very young age of 10 as a church choir singer, he has
also performed in weddings before becoming a lead vocalist of the band. Louie
formed his own band during his college years in San Sebastian
College-Recoletos, Manila.

With an AB degree in Mass Communications, he first ventured into the world of
print media, fashion shows and special events. His love for music prevailed
though, with singing engagements coming along the way. From Public Eye band
in June 1998, things paved the way for a new group called Ordinary People in
January 1999, which later evolved into X.O.P. in September 2001.
Louie has a very unique way of getting the audience attention while performing on stage —he hooks
them to his spiels and antics. He gives 100% total performance every time on center stage, as he
render songs of James Ingram, Luther Vandross, George Michael, Kenny Loggins, Tom Jones, James
Brown and Earth Wind & Fire. As the vocalist of X.O.P., Louie already performed in Japan, Singapore,
US Base Diego Garcia and Disney Cruise Line in Orlando, Florida, U.S.A.

A gifted talent, an awesome performer, and a real total entertainer – that’s Louie for you!   
KHOTTIE LAFORTEZA, female vocalist

KHOTTIE proves that she is a great performer when it comes to the live band circuit. Possessing a
captivating voice, she makes the audience very attentive while singing difficult songs of Dianne
Reeves, Teri Desario, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Alicia Keys and Celine Dion.

As a former vocalist in the bands such as Kislev, Heat of the Night and The Heat, Khottie performed
already in different Asian countries beginning 1996 -- namely Brunei, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong
Kong, Japan and US Base Diego Garcia, British Indian Ocean Territory with X.O.P. in December 2004.

She was still studying in St. Joseph College in Quezon City when she decided to make singing a
professional career. She also graduated in Center for Pop Music, a well-known music school that
produces most of brightest and well-trained singers in the Philippines today.

JOSVIL BORBE, female vocalist

Joan decided to join the X.O.P. after she finished her stint in the band named Elevate, where she
experienced a lot of live performances. After numerous singing engagements in Japan, Taiwan and US
Base Diego Garcia, Joan put aside a lot of offers to join other bands and instead hooked up with X.O.
P. having passed the band’s standards and qualification with flying colors.

With her powerful voice she easily belts out high-range songs, especially those of Barbara Striesand,
Gladys Knight, Anita Baker, Oleta Adams, Patti Austin and Donna Summer. Joan is also a terrific
performer on stage, a very unique entertainer; the audience will never experience a dull moment. Joan
also studied in Asian College of Science and Technology and took up Computer Programming.

GLEN MAPUE, lead guitarist/back-up vocals

Mistaken as the silent type but once you get to know him, he’ll make you feel comfortable the whole
daylong; for he is easy to get along and have a good topic to start with – GLEN is the man.

Having been a lead guitarist for bands like Playlist and Mushroom before joining the group, Glen
spends a lot of his time listening to the music of Carlos Santana, Eric Clapton and the Beatles, making
these music legends his greatest influence in the field of music.

With his guitar at work, expect Glen to come up with a mix of awesome and impressive sounds that
catches a lot of attention. He already traveled with X.O.P. in Japan, Singapore, US Base Diego Garcia
and the latest in Orlando, Florida U.S.A.   

CARLO SUZARA, drummer/back up vocals/rapper

Describe as chick boy and babaero, CARLO never runs out of dates with different girls he usually
meets during gigs. He was a former band member of Paradox, Big Nite Out and Coca Cola’s Red
Circle band where he had a stint in ASAP, a Sunday variety noontime TV show.

As a former pinch-hitter for its regular drummer, Carlo soon became a permanent member of X.O.P. in
October 2002. Carlo is fun and easy to be with a lot of people, he is also very hyper and energetic on
and off the stage! He adds that unique and distinctive sound that only the band can give, making its
music livelier and more upbeat with his percussion expertise. Innovative and industrious, Carlo
attained an AB degree in Mass Communications in Centro Escolar University, Manila.

Carlo started his stints abroad also with X.O.P., same as with Louie and Glen, the guitarist. He traveled
to Japan, Singapore, US Base Diego Garcia and the latest also in Orlando, Florida U.S


EUGENE lives his life practically and straight. He leads the rhythm section in producing new sounds
and different styles of music, which makes the band different, and above the rest. He is also religiously
active as a Christian Pastor aside from being a keyboardist.

He is a very sought after keyboardist, whereas after joining different bands in the past, being a part of
X.O.P. made him change his perspective and goals in life, helping a lot in forming the group. A recruit
from the group Elevate, he also became part of well-known band called Real Groove. He took up
Conservatory of Music in the famous University of Santo Tomas and Cathedral of Praise- Music

Eugene first traveled outside the country with his former band Elevate in Splendor Hotel in Taiwan in
July to December 2006.

MARK LESTER CHY, bassist/back up vocals

Commonly known at the band arena as TENG, the silent and down-to-earth fellow that he is, but is
also handsome and fits the image of “the boy next door”. He started out in the band scene at a very
tender age of 16, because for his love of music. In this time at the age of 26, he has grown into a very
mature and professional musician. He really loves playing bass very much and likes to listen to R n B
and alternative music. As for school, Teng took up a course in Civil Engineering in Mapua Institute of
Technology but music was really in his heart.

As a bassist, he was a former member of the bands Juice, Limited Edition and Escape and he has
already performed in a lot of gigs in local band scene arena. Upon leaving his former group, he fit in X.
O.P. as a much-needed replacement.  

Teng is very thoughtful and kind hearted to his band mates. Adding his musical ability and singing
prowess completed the real set-up for a superb band that is Xtra Ordinary People
X.  O.  P.